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Archive for October, 2002
Park Hawk Park Hawk
By Jerry Rose
The bird is impressive, both as a complex piece of machinery and as a thing of beauty. It demonstrates a degree of "clockwork precision" that would make a Swiss watchmaker proud. Additionally, the flight of the Park Hawk is true to life, and looks like a predatory bird out on a hunting trip.

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Beaver Floats Beaver Floats
By Michael Heer
Full-scale de Havilland Beavers are often seen on floats, and they just seem to look at home on the water. Michael Heer, the author of the recent E-Zone review of the GWS Beaver, found out that the GWS Beaver is just at home on the water as the full-scale archetype.

(Added: Oct 01, 2002, Hits: 23796, Comments: 1, Rating: n/a)

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