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Archive for January, 2004
SunBird Ornithopter SunBird Ornithopter
By Jerry Rose
I drove to Peaceful Valley on the last day of NEAT, 2003. As I entered the park, there were several tiny dots buzzing over the meadow - and among them, one lone bird. My eye stuck on that brave little bird flying out there among all those propellers. Of course, I knew that it wasn’t just any bird - it was the latest entry into the ornithopter market – the SunBird. And at that moment, I knew I had come to the right place.

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The Kyosho Flip 40 ARF The Kyosho Flip 40 ARF
By Dave Huff
Kyosho's FLIP 3D was designed by Christophe Paysant-Le-Roux, 2 time F3A World Champion. It is advertised as a low speed trickster that will "showcase piloting skills and to transport the adventurous ace to the outer limits of aerobatic excess." We are about to find out if it lives up to that claim...

(Added: Jan 04, 2004, Hits: 21766, Comments: 16, Rating: 5.0)

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